Friday, September 11, 2015


                     'Home-way Bound' - Oil on Canvas  28 x 31 Inches (2012) * SOLD
Walking through these pathways then as boy to the farm will totally remain memorable in my mind's eyes and my childish fantasies, being a creative person. This painting depicts that ever colorful, walk able, long and almost deserted forest paths I experienced then, somewhere near a village side we used to go farming in Ondo state, Nigeria. I loved those days, the pathways and the whole activities.

So I painted this piece in 2012, reminiscing about that old the villager's lifestyles of daily activities as they walk up this pathways to their farms, hunting,firewood picking and their movements to & fro other villages nearby. Life as they say is a journey, but here in these pathway, to me then,it's always as interesting as i get lots of creative imaginations, fantasies and playing more than a journey walking up to our father's farm portion.

What is life without pathways and journeys? Some of us went through such places like this painting, others through different,clean paths or pavements, while others never even experienced any at all.But I think that no matter who we are now, where we are now or what we do, there is always a pathway, an experience or even people we will always remember, through our journey or walk in life. Right?

This place is one among my many passageway and experiences that i still remember vividly, which is been transferred on to a canvas with colors to bring out this beautiful landscape painting.It shows that returning pathway after the day's activities, no matter how far or long one's journey had been.And I will always be grateful for my many pathways, journey and experiences in life,whether i paint them or not.

Similar art pieces, prints  are available and commissions highly welcome too.

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