Saturday, May 14, 2016


Sometimes in life, you don’t get closure. You just move on. 
Everything happens for a reason. SEE the bigger picture Always.

'Somewhere in Chicago' - Watercolor on Paper ''12 x 16'' (2016)
LIFE is TRANSITion  series

Life keeps moving, and it is ever revolving just like the earth revolves around its axis. One day you are here or there, the next minute or day you may be moved, relocating or even shut down. But wherever you, who you are or what you do, keep living, enjoy the moments and always prepare for the road that life may take you to next, no matter what and be grateful for life.

These NEW series of my paintings/drawings are about TRANSITION in life and every stages we humans tend to find ourselves, be it in form of location, our growth, emotionally, spiritually or our physical state, success or failure and in relation to how we see Life. Sometimes, it feels like life itself has left us stranded in point, but reality is that we are the ones who stopped walking along our given pathway. Life keeps going,shouldn't we?

Travel whenever you can. It is important, exciting, invaluable, and liberating, to explore the world. But most important too that you follow your heart and travel in the paths where it leads you. And if you can't go any place now, don't sweat over it, but see yourself keep moving somehow till life comes himself and takes you by the hand to wherever it leads you to next. 


  1. Good art works. Kudos to Yabatech and ur doggedness. Do an art on fried groundnut + crackers biscuits; cooked beans+ yam+ cander. Remember ur root. Holi Mose.

    1. Thanks for feedback....if you did read my post,I am sure you should probably understand what TRANSITION means and what the artwork portrays too.We all know my our roots and every story begins from somewhere.


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