Monday, January 30, 2017


Life is full of colors. Colors that could be seen in everywhere and in everything, be it physically or not, depending on how we choose to view or visualize life no matter where we find ourselves or how we see others. Sometimes, what I see as an artist may be different from what is seen by an ordinary eyes' reality.

My Colors of Life series and body of artworks visually expresses and interprets the ordinary, special or even the unnoticed moments of life majorly focusing on people, places, emotions and the beautiful color of human faces by simple re-presentation of my chosen subjects matters in a more colorful, beautiful and enchanting setting.

No matter who we are, what we do or where we are and presently feel, our outward look, gestures or even emotions, been captured and represented in a total new vibrant colorful mode is what Colors of Life is all about, through my drawings/paintings in oil, pastel and colored pencils mediums.

Colors of Love, Care & Affection
Purple Beauty

THE NEW BRIDE - Pastel on Paper ''19 x 24'(2016) From COLORS OF LIFE SERIES
*Available - Original/Prints

This piece is a dedication to dear friend, a new happy bride on the joy, the feel good emotions and gratefulness for been among the worthy women that is about to marry. What emotional ecstasy could be more than this, as expressed by this pastel piece, capturing and representing the beauty and colorful mood of this young bride.

As in our African culture and everywhere else, the ecstasy or glow in this new bride's eyes in this artwork is totally undeniably recognizable because it sure does feels good to be trusted, loved and married to in life. What else could be more fulfilling in a young bride than this special day and time?

This piece also goes out to every loved ones, friends, family and especially the single ladies out there ,as I say, definitely, your own day of smiles is sure to come.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


How could a creative, independent and beautiful lady be running after Johnny? That was the question that haunted me on my first time of seeing Yemi Alade's power dance music video -Johnny, sometime last year.

Could it be that most young girls like to fall to the gimmicks and lies of such Mr. Johnny or is it the issue of self love lack? is a question I asked myself then based on the musical video story line.     Again I recalled talking to her back in Lagos on Rhythm 93.7fm guest Artiste call-in live show where she made a statement that resonated so much to me, which is this below;

'No matter who you are and what you do, don't let anyone bring you down, love yourself and your God given traits/abilities till you reach your pinnacle of success.' If enough girls could know this in time, stop making mistakes and focus on self love first, then there wont be the need or trouble of chasing one Johnny about.

Know thyself, be a better beautiful person you are is the keyword and that was my inspiration behind this portrayal piece depicting the talented, self confident, beautiful and bold Yemi Alade, who I bet would never need to chase any Johnny man around now. Congratulations on your Mama Africa album and numerous awards for the Nigerian music Industry.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Sometimes in life, you don’t get closure. You just move on. 
Everything happens for a reason. SEE the bigger picture Always.

'Somewhere in Chicago' - Watercolor on Paper ''12 x 16'' (2016)
LIFE is TRANSITion  series

Life keeps moving, and it is ever revolving just like the earth revolves around its axis. One day you are here or there, the next minute or day you may be moved, relocating or even shut down. But wherever you, who you are or what you do, keep living, enjoy the moments and always prepare for the road that life may take you to next, no matter what and be grateful for life.

These NEW series of my paintings/drawings are about TRANSITION in life and every stages we humans tend to find ourselves, be it in form of location, our growth, emotionally, spiritually or our physical state, success or failure and in relation to how we see Life. Sometimes, it feels like life itself has left us stranded in point, but reality is that we are the ones who stopped walking along our given pathway. Life keeps going,shouldn't we?

Travel whenever you can. It is important, exciting, invaluable, and liberating, to explore the world. But most important too that you follow your heart and travel in the paths where it leads you. And if you can't go any place now, don't sweat over it, but see yourself keep moving somehow till life comes himself and takes you by the hand to wherever it leads you to next. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


                                       'I still miss the womb' Watercolor & Pastel on Paper  ''11.5 x 15.5'' (2015)                                              by Okpeyowa Moses Marquis

She was born into this world without any prior notice or letter of eviction from the womb and all its comfort.
There were shouts of joy and jubilation as she emerged into this world, from the womb and all its warmth to her.The Womb, oh her mother's womb, how much she missed that place and the very safe haven from the noisiness outside here.

So she was born, into the arms of her mother's world, hoping to get much Love, care and comfort like she did from the womb.Would this new world be safe enough, provide enough and nurture enough too,she wondered?Whatever this world brings her way or gives, she humbly accept and embrace as she leaves the womb, her only throne, that will be greatly missed.

This piece was done from an internet photo, dedicated to ALL new born and the little children in Africa, whose present given care,reality and environment is challenging and tough for their upbringing, but yet still thriving, surviving and growing in the place they have been born into.I pray and hope for more brightly, assuring, safe and enriched future for every African infant and children.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015


 'sweet Dreams' - Pastel on Paper 64x77cm/''25x30'' (2015) by Okpeyowa Moses

This pastel piece was inspired from a sketch of a girl at my mechanic's yard in Ikorodu,Lagos Nigeria early 2015. I went to fix a little issue on my car and there I saw her, under the shade of a tree, resting and sleeping with her remaining goods of fruits that she hawks and sells around the mechanic village yard carefully placed by her side. 

I then quickly and affectinately took a shot of the girl with my phone and then translated it into a sketchwork while waiting for the service work by the mechanic, which I then used for this work.I learnt of her name, Mojisola, who sells fruits, a girl-child and she needs to rest, sleep and also enjoy the good comfort that comes from a night sleep like every other girl, which was my vision and inspiration.

Sweet dreams captures that moment and seized opportunity of a young, tired and industrious Nigerian teenage girl after a day's time of combining school,selling for extra family income and home chores as she sleeps and yet still dreams of possible, colorful and sweet future ahead of her amidst the present struggles and reality.

Sleeping is beautiful, we all need that moment of being lost in our own colorful sweet dreams no matter how stressful and challenging our day had been.I felt a deep concern too for the still missing Nigerian Chibok girls as I wonder where they sleep, rest and live. Would they be having sweet dreams or not? I dont know, but I also dedicate this piece prayerfully for them. Amen.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015


“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning
My Mother's back (Eyin Iya mi) Pencil on Paper ''20x25''  (2009) 
 Private Collection

A mother's back is where one finds comfort,love and care always.In African culture, a child carried on the back by a mother basically experiences one of the best privileges from motherhood. It is always a thing of pride for a woman to back his/her child and certainly a blessing too. We believe that it more than just a matter convenience, but of pure connection and bounding after internal nine months phase.

My drawing here, from my behance project SERIES - Pencil & Pastel Drawings: Mother & Child Series 1 depicts the undivided comfort, trust and blessings a child enjoys or gets from sleeping, being carried by her mother. I always cherish, admire and feel deep respect for a woman, seeing her with such gestures or demonstrations of love and care.

We may all have been in our mother's back or arms, and my expression by my drawing here is to draw our attention to a mother's worth, being our carriage from pregnancy stage,as that safe place and consistent shelter of care,love and affection. Motherless babies or others may not have had such opportunities, but if you have had that, it is worth remembering, glad and thankful about. It is my appreciation and to ALL mothers out there, you are really wonderful because words,paintings or drawings are not enough.

“A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.” —Victor Hugo

Friday, September 11, 2015


                     'Home-way Bound' - Oil on Canvas  28 x 31 Inches (2012) * SOLD
Walking through these pathways then as boy to the farm will totally remain memorable in my mind's eyes and my childish fantasies, being a creative person. This painting depicts that ever colorful, walk able, long and almost deserted forest paths I experienced then, somewhere near a village side we used to go farming in Ondo state, Nigeria. I loved those days, the pathways and the whole activities.

So I painted this piece in 2012, reminiscing about that old the villager's lifestyles of daily activities as they walk up this pathways to their farms, hunting,firewood picking and their movements to & fro other villages nearby. Life as they say is a journey, but here in these pathway, to me then,it's always as interesting as i get lots of creative imaginations, fantasies and playing more than a journey walking up to our father's farm portion.

What is life without pathways and journeys? Some of us went through such places like this painting, others through different,clean paths or pavements, while others never even experienced any at all.But I think that no matter who we are now, where we are now or what we do, there is always a pathway, an experience or even people we will always remember, through our journey or walk in life. Right?

This place is one among my many passageway and experiences that i still remember vividly, which is been transferred on to a canvas with colors to bring out this beautiful landscape painting.It shows that returning pathway after the day's activities, no matter how far or long one's journey had been.And I will always be grateful for my many pathways, journey and experiences in life,whether i paint them or not.

Similar art pieces, prints  are available and commissions highly welcome too.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace – Nelson Mandela

                               MADIBA : ICON OF PEACE   Pencil on Paper  ‘’20x25’’ (2015)

Nelson Mandela is the global icon of peace, an exemplary leader and a statesman the likes of which we have never seen before. I drew this portrait of him, when I had a reflection of his impact and contribution to the development of South Africa and his crucial role in the ending of Apartheid. 

His legacy, struggles and leadership traits will always remain and be remembered till generations to come, for as long as there is a South African entity. This drawing is dedicated to him and to all who strive for peace in Africa and the world. It is true, according to him, a man or woman, be it a leader or Celebrity, can only get GOOD rest, only when his or her duty is performed positively and inspiring to a country.

Nelson Mandela, being portrayed here representing him as the Icon of peace, is a drawing of mine, from my portraits series (Portraits of Nigerian Icons & Others) on my behance portfolio project, which I have added to my art finder shop. This is also my entry for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan series 2015 competition and you can vote HERE for me.

 It will be such a great honor, privilege and opportunity for me to create this piece in a city, as tribute respect and dedication to Nelson Mandela, all Africans and all those whose lives has been affected positively by this great man and Icon of Global peace.

" When I see a white piece of paper, I feel I've got to draw. And drawing, for me, is the beginning of everything."   ---Ellsworth Kelly, ICON OF PEACE

Saturday, June 20, 2015


"I was just about to buy cream to lighten my skin when you (Lupita) appeared on the world map and saved me." - Unknown girl
 Portrait of Lupita nyong'o I (from BEAUTY & COLORS OF LIFE series)    Pastel on Paper 64 x 77 cm (June 2015) by Okpeyowa Moses Marquis                                        

Every action we make has an effect on our family, people around us, society, the world in general.Are you part of the problem or the solution?Will things get better or worse if you do certain things? You have to make this choice for yourself alone, today and tomorrow. No matter who you are or what you do, there is someone looking up to you and you can be that source of encouragement, inspiration and role model. Just be true to yourself and your dreams. 

So here is to say, Thank You again for inspiring that girl and every other young African girl or child out there by what you do. This piece is dedicated to Lupita, and to every other beautiful, colorful souls and inspiring role model in Africa and in the world. This is a non commission portraiture and a personal project works from studio productions series.

See full cycle of artwork WIP stages on MarquisKreationz Fine Art And on my online portfolio at Thank you and watch out for more.

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COLORS OF LIFE series   Life is full of colors. Colors that could be seen in everywhere and in everything , be it physically or not, d...