Wednesday, October 28, 2015


                                       'I still miss the womb' Watercolor & Pastel on Paper  ''11.5 x 15.5'' (2015)                                              by Okpeyowa Moses Marquis

She was born into this world without any prior notice or letter of eviction from the womb and all its comfort.
There were shouts of joy and jubilation as she emerged into this world, from the womb and all its warmth to her.The Womb, oh her mother's womb, how much she missed that place and the very safe haven from the noisiness outside here.

So she was born, into the arms of her mother's world, hoping to get much Love, care and comfort like she did from the womb.Would this new world be safe enough, provide enough and nurture enough too,she wondered?Whatever this world brings her way or gives, she humbly accept and embrace as she leaves the womb, her only throne, that will be greatly missed.

This piece was done from an internet photo, dedicated to ALL new born and the little children in Africa, whose present given care,reality and environment is challenging and tough for their upbringing, but yet still thriving, surviving and growing in the place they have been born into.I pray and hope for more brightly, assuring, safe and enriched future for every African infant and children.

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