Saturday, October 10, 2015


 'sweet Dreams' - Pastel on Paper 64x77cm/''25x30'' (2015) by Okpeyowa Moses

This pastel piece was inspired from a sketch of a girl at my mechanic's yard in Ikorodu,Lagos Nigeria early 2015. I went to fix a little issue on my car and there I saw her, under the shade of a tree, resting and sleeping with her remaining goods of fruits that she hawks and sells around the mechanic village yard carefully placed by her side. 

I then quickly and affectinately took a shot of the girl with my phone and then translated it into a sketchwork while waiting for the service work by the mechanic, which I then used for this work.I learnt of her name, Mojisola, who sells fruits, a girl-child and she needs to rest, sleep and also enjoy the good comfort that comes from a night sleep like every other girl, which was my vision and inspiration.

Sweet dreams captures that moment and seized opportunity of a young, tired and industrious Nigerian teenage girl after a day's time of combining school,selling for extra family income and home chores as she sleeps and yet still dreams of possible, colorful and sweet future ahead of her amidst the present struggles and reality.

Sleeping is beautiful, we all need that moment of being lost in our own colorful sweet dreams no matter how stressful and challenging our day had been.I felt a deep concern too for the still missing Nigerian Chibok girls as I wonder where they sleep, rest and live. Would they be having sweet dreams or not? I dont know, but I also dedicate this piece prayerfully for them. Amen.

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