Wednesday, July 13, 2016


How could a creative, independent and beautiful lady be running after Johnny? That was the question that haunted me on my first time of seeing Yemi Alade's power dance music video -Johnny, sometime last year.

Could it be that most young girls like to fall to the gimmicks and lies of such Mr. Johnny or is it the issue of self love lack? is a question I asked myself then based on the musical video story line.     Again I recalled talking to her back in Lagos on Rhythm 93.7fm guest Artiste call-in live show where she made a statement that resonated so much to me, which is this below;

'No matter who you are and what you do, don't let anyone bring you down, love yourself and your God given traits/abilities till you reach your pinnacle of success.' If enough girls could know this in time, stop making mistakes and focus on self love first, then there wont be the need or trouble of chasing one Johnny about.

Know thyself, be a better beautiful person you are is the keyword and that was my inspiration behind this portrayal piece depicting the talented, self confident, beautiful and bold Yemi Alade, who I bet would never need to chase any Johnny man around now. Congratulations on your Mama Africa album and numerous awards for the Nigerian music Industry.

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