Sunday, March 8, 2015


ART is not what you SEE, but what You MAKE for others to SEE.

©'Early Morning Solitude'  -  Oil on Canvas 25 x 35 (2008)  SOLD

I have always been attracted to the natural world as I spend time outdoors or when travelling, seeing the beauty of everyday life and colors. I always enjoy the beauty of and colors in nature and places. So hence, painting such places and scenery as I see them has become one of high interest in my artworks. And my goal of painting such places scenery is to convey the same sense of wonder & beauty i experience when i notice and reflect

In a world that revolves around technological advances, we often fail to notice the beauty and simple wonders found in our natural and exquisite land with its unique colors, beautiful scenes  and yet unseen wonders through  the eyes of an artist, as depicted  from this painting titled ‘Early morning  Solitude (Port Harcourt)’. This was done and inspired by one of my earliest visits to Rivers state back then near somewhere near Choba. I could resist capturing this scene through a sketch and on my mind's eye that i later translated into this painting in 2001. Since then,i have done some typical series of such works and still i do cherish such outputs on canvas.

I paint to portray the beauty that awaits us outdoors as I see or observe it.  Recently I have been focusing my art on the beauty of Nigerian landscape scenes, people and its culture.  Most of my paintings focus on different places and locations of natural beauty that we often take for granted or have never been opportune to see. Nature is waiting for us to notice her once more; to be loved, admire, seen, remembered and known for its natural beauty, of  various places Nigeria. I intend to notice, appreciate and bring these through art.

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