Saturday, May 16, 2015


There is always a glow to the beauty that comes with the early morning sunrise. The dawn of each day comes with perfect, colorful, natural beautiful effect like these painting. ART is not just what you see, but what you make for others to SEE too. I painted this interesting and beautiful place back in 2007at Port Harcourt while on vacation, which captured and emphasized the radiance and magical start of an early day depicting its beauty and splendor in pure natural colors, as inspired by my camera and an early morning walk, since I could not catch up with my jogging schedule that day.

‘Early Fetch II’ - Oil on Canvas’ 23 X 31 (2007) Sold

Early Fetch II, like more other new recent painting series I am working on, is an early sunrise view over a stream in a small village in Port Harcourt, near Choba, sure does brings a beautiful and serene morning glow to a typical day’s activities of water fetching by the people there, adding an interesting observation for me on the natural and exquisite scenery of this place as reflected and portrayed here in my painting.

  I believe that my brief walk that day added to my experience of the fact there are many other such nice often overlooked natural beauty of our land, and which I intend documenting by means of my paintings. My artworks tends to capture the beautiful, natural and unseen hidden places in Nigeria and its exquisite places as I see it, observe it, enjoy it, represent it and share such places through my eyes, camera lens my colors and brushes.

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