Monday, January 30, 2017


Life is full of colors. Colors that could be seen in everywhere and in everything, be it physically or not, depending on how we choose to view or visualize life no matter where we find ourselves or how we see others. Sometimes, what I see as an artist may be different from what is seen by an ordinary eyes' reality.

My Colors of Life series and body of artworks visually expresses and interprets the ordinary, special or even the unnoticed moments of life majorly focusing on people, places, emotions and the beautiful color of human faces by simple re-presentation of my chosen subjects matters in a more colorful, beautiful and enchanting setting.

No matter who we are, what we do or where we are and presently feel, our outward look, gestures or even emotions, been captured and represented in a total new vibrant colorful mode is what Colors of Life is all about, through my drawings/paintings in oil, pastel and colored pencils mediums.

Colors of Love, Care & Affection
Purple Beauty

THE NEW BRIDE - Pastel on Paper ''19 x 24'(2016) From COLORS OF LIFE SERIES
*Available - Original/Prints

This piece is a dedication to dear friend, a new happy bride on the joy, the feel good emotions and gratefulness for been among the worthy women that is about to marry. What emotional ecstasy could be more than this, as expressed by this pastel piece, capturing and representing the beauty and colorful mood of this young bride.

As in our African culture and everywhere else, the ecstasy or glow in this new bride's eyes in this artwork is totally undeniably recognizable because it sure does feels good to be trusted, loved and married to in life. What else could be more fulfilling in a young bride than this special day and time?

This piece also goes out to every loved ones, friends, family and especially the single ladies out there ,as I say, definitely, your own day of smiles is sure to come.

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COLORS OF LIFE series   Life is full of colors. Colors that could be seen in everywhere and in everything , be it physically or not, d...